Welcome to Authentic Assessment…


Welcome to our blog dedicated to helping teachers create exceptional feedback for their students. We are the developers of Waypoint (www.gowaypoint.com) and iPowerFeedback (www.ipowerfeedback.com), software for authoring, sharing, and using interactive rubrics to improve response and develop authentic data on student achievement.

There are a lot of exciting things going on right now: early beta versions of WpOutcomes, our groundbreaking analysis software that fulfills the promise of our approach and delivers authentic data on student data in a package that doesn’t require any database or spreadsheet skills, our continued launch of iPowerFeedback with Grant Wiggins, the co-author of Understanding by Design, and the good folks at Authentic Education. We’re planning our most active conference spring and summer yet, with presence at ASCD in Anaheim CA, Blackboard World in Boston, and NECC in Atlanta. We’re organizing our first one-day assessment workshops (in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles) over the summer and have signed new clients in Los Angeles, North Dakota, and elsewhere.

Stay tuned for more introductory comments and an active discussion of response, outcomes assessment, data crunching, writing strategies, and how to best leverage assessment techniques to improve education.


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