Collaboration and Virtual Worlds

April 21, 2007

We met this week with one of our new clients – a school of education – an excited group of faculty and administrators, working hard to finish the school year, and completely enthralled with their teaching mission and the work their students are creating. Besides having a good time sampling another part of the country, the trip was hugely useful for us. Every school we talk to is at some point along a continuum of looking for effective ways to assess student work (of all types). Whether the solution is eportfolios, Waypoint, custom-built databases, WeaveOnline, Bb Outcomes…there is a commonality here that is truly exciting. These assessment systems will answer, over the next few years, exactly what is going on inside curricula, where students are performing well, where they need help, and will root out inconsistencies and some of the massively incoherent events in a student’s life…bouncing from course to course, professor to professor, with expectations changing (to a student) with a gust of wind… Read the rest of this entry »