Annotate for Word 2007 PRO v2.0 is HERE…

January 17, 2010

We’ve sold hundreds and hundreds of Annotate PRO licenses over the last year, and the free version has been downloaded over 10,000 times. We’re proud of what we accomplished, but we always knew that easy customization was critical to a broader adoption, potentially across different ‘industries.’

The ability to change the buttons, and the content behind them, has been our number one feature request. Sure, all versions of Annotate make it much easier to leverage Microsoft Word’s built in automation (called AutoText in versions up through Word 2003, and QuickParts in Word 2007). But like many aspects to Word, these features are clunky.

For Word 2007 only we’ve gone ahead and done it: a user can customize every Group label, 90% of the buttons, add new buttons, and change the underlying content that appears with a single click.

Watch a 5 Minute Demo of Annotate for Word 2007 PRO v2.0

If you want to change the URL linked to a particular comments? Easy. Click, click, click – and for ever after the new URL appears. If you want to change the description for a particular issues, and/or the button label itself? No worries…a few clicks, and the content is updated. There are 70 built-in comments, and another 150 blank comments that can be tailored to specific uses. The information is stored locally, in a database, and can even be backed up or switched out, so that a user could keep multiple databases of comments (for different courses, say).

We’ve also confirmed that Annotate for Word 2007 works with Windows 7, and we’ve even got users running Annotate with Office 2010 Beta.

Since Annotate for Word 2007 brings such advanced features to editing and managing documents, we’ve dropped the price of our Word 2000/XP/2003 and Mac Office 2004 versions to $25. These versions make it easy to leverage a bank of custom comments, but they don’t allow full customization of the Annotate button library.

We’re looking forward to refining v2.0 and adding sister versions of the software designed for office applications. Stay tuned!

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