Writers’ Toolkit

The 11trees Writers’ Toolkit is both a free website of resources and a powerful Microsoft Word add-in that unifies important tools for writers including:

  • The web’s best resources on grammar, style, organization, argument, research, and citation formatting
  • Tools like a thesaurus, citation management, citation formatting, word count, spell check, and basic grammar check
  • Embedded Google Scholar search and candid advice on how to write compelling academic essays (and get better grades)

These resources appear inside Microsoft Word, so a writer can access them as they create.

Writers' Toolkit Ribbon

Writers' Toolkit Ribbon

We anticipate releasing an advertising-free version of the Toolkit on October 1, 2010 for $7 (1/10th the price of most writing handbooks). Check back here for more info.

>>Download and Install the Writers’ Toolkit

The Writer’s Toolkit is a custom ribbon for Microsoft Word that brings together all the tools necessary for a writer: research, help with citation formatting, quick access to grammar and similar help. Best of all, the material appears inside of Microsoft Word, so you don’t have to reach for a $70 writing handbook and waste time thumbing through the index.

Writers' Toolkit Screenshot

Writers' Toolkit Screenshot - Click to Expand

One Response to Writers’ Toolkit

  1. Trudy says:

    The writer’s toolkit is an intelligent idea and is very useful in subject areas across the curriculum

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